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Oran Schoolhouse

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Pompey Academy in 1890

      The building known as the Oran Schoolhouse dates back to the 1830s when it apparently served as a store and post office for the Hamlet of Oran.

      The building lot sits at the southwest corner of the intersection of State Route 92 (formerly the Cherry Valley Turnpike) and the Oran Delphi Road.

      It is not known when the building first became a schoolhouse. Records indicate that it served as Pompey Common School District #15, then District #22, from sometime in the mid 1800s through 1951.


      The Schoolhouse is not usable in its present condition. The outside measurements of the building are 24 feet 7” wide by 40 feet 8” long by 16 feet tall. It is approximately 1000 sq. ft. with a full basement and large attic. A building inspection completed in 1997 found the following problems that need resolution in order to the meet building-code standards and/or to make the building safely functional. Basement framing and other wood structural members are slowly deteriorating. The flue for the furnace is rusting and is not functional without replacement.

elphi -this pretty village in the south-east corner of the town has wonderfully improved within the last ten years, in all that tends to the progress of society. The streets are fine and the sidewalks first rate. The ladies of this place, whose energies are only exceeded by their beauty, have, with commendable zeal, raised money enough to purchase plank, and have laid sidewalks over the entire village. This example might be followed with a great degree of credit by nine tenths of the villages in the county.

Oran Schoolhouse 2015
(note proximity to Rt. 92)

The Future

      In 1998, the Oran Schoolhouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1999, the Oran Memorial Park Association transferred ownership of the Schoolhouse to the Town of Pompey Historical Society with the agreement that the Historical Society would preserve the integrity of the building as an Historic Place and would maintain its functionality as a center for community activity in the Hamlet of Oran.
      These two links provide full background from our original proposal to be able to move the building to a new location while still preserving its historic properties and an addendum needed to supply more information (please note this is a very large file so it may take some time to open).







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