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April 18, 2012 - Dr. David Beebe

      Since the 1970s, Dr. Beebe, his wife, Liz, and fans of the aqueduct have been working towards its restoration. Originally, the 144-foot waterway was listed as the smallest of the larger aqueducts. Now the Camillus Erie Canal Park aqueduct is the only navigable aqueduct in the state. Daniel Ward, curator of the Erie Canal Museum, said it is a piece of “Roman Empire tech- nology” and is “one of the wonders in this part of the world.”
      There is so much more to this story, which actually began over 35 years ago. The park is open for use by canoes, kayaks, and canal boats run by volunteers. It features a dinner boat during the summer and has a wonderful museum and gift shop to visit. You will want to put this on your list of “places to visit” this spring or summer.

May 16, 2012 – “Live Oaks and Dead Folks"
      Darothy DeAngelo and Sue Greenhagen presented a "Virtual Tour of Oakwood Cemetery.” They introduced the audience to some of the famous and infamous residents of Syracuse’s most historic cemetery. They also looked at the “Pompey connection” to Oakwood. (This is another place to visit that you will want to add to your list.)

        September 19, 2012 – Jason Emerson
      Emerson has appeared several times on C-SPAN and C-SPAN 2, has spoken at many Civil War Round Tables and Historical Societies in New York and other states. He was speaker to a crowd of 400 history enthusiasts during the 11th Lincoln Forum symposium last November in Gettysburg, PA.
      Emerson’s previous books include “The Madness of Mary Lincoln, The Dark Days of Abraham Lincoln’s Widow as Revealed by Her Own Letters;” “Lincoln the Inventor,” and — scheduled to be released in April — “Giant in the Shadows,” a study of Robert Todd Lincoln, Lincoln’s only surviving son. Several other books could be published by September. There will be a wealth of topics from which to choose!
      Emerson currently resides in the village of Cazenovia with his wife and daughter. You can go to for more information.


June 21, 2012

      For the 21st time since its inception in 1945, the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) Medal will be awarded to recognize distinguished contributions to local history and to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Onondaga County. (from the OHA Newsletter)
      The following are excerpts from the letter received announcing the award;  "In recognition of the Town of Pompey Historical Society's long, outstanding, and meritorious service to local history,
and to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Onondaga County, the Onondaga Historical Association's Board of Directors has unanimously voted to present your organization with the OHA Medal.  Congratulations on receiving the highest honor awarded by the OHA!" (event)

July 15, 2012
Opening reception for the Perry Art Collection
(see self-portrait at below) 

      John Calvin Perry (1837-1894) was born, lived and worked in the hamlet of Delphi, Township of Pompey. Collections of his work were passed on to his daughter and then his granddaughter, Clarice Smith Miles, who, prior to her death, gave the collection to the New York State Historical Association, (NYSHA)  Other relatives added to that collection. Over the years, the Association has loaned some of Perry’s paintings and drawings for display.  PHS now has an excellent home — the William G Pomeroy Research Center and Museum — to house the J.C. Perry Collection. The NYSHA Board of Trustees voted to de-accession most of the Perry Collection and give it to PHS in the fall of 2011. The PHS Board of Directors and Trustees have gratefully accepted the Perry Collection.

August 12, 2012 
Opening Celebration of the newly restored 1857 One-Room Schoolhouse
in Pompey Center, NY.

      The community was invited by the Town of Pompey Board and the Pompey Historical Society to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated schoolhouse. Those who attended the celebration enjoyed seeing not only the school but also many items saved from other early schools in the Town of Pompey. The Pompey Centre One-Room School Museum serves as an educational site, allowing younger generations to experience what early education was like in rural America. (schoolhouse)

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